Ducklings hatched with a big yellow thing growing from butt


In the Brooder
Nov 30, 2020
That happened to one of my chicks but it was much smaller. I just left it be and eventually, it fell off after a few days. But then again this one is like 3 times the size of the one from my chick. Best of luck!
How long ago did it hatch? It isn’t fluffed out so it seems soon. Looks kinda like an egg yolk that hasn’t fully absorbed but I’m not sure. If it isn’t the yolk, then I’m not sure. I hope someone else can offer advice.
It hatched last night I've been keeping on a warm wash cloth cause I don't know what that is
It’s not a hernia. It’s the unabsorbed yolk. Don’t push on it- it could bust and then the duckling will die.

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