Ducklings (Khaki Campbell-Rouen) and 1 Rouen drake

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    Apr 27, 2010
    Vernon County, MO
    I have two Khaki Campbell hens, one Rouen hen, and one adult Rouen drake for sale. I'm asking $5 a piece for the duckling hens, and $8 for the adult drake. Ducklings are about 8 weeks old now, Drake is about a year.

    I will also trade for Black Copper Marans pullets or fertile, full-blooded BCM eggs, or a good laying Pekin hen (I have a younger pair, currently). PM for exact location, or with questions.

    Will be posting images of the ducks soon. The drake IS molting, so he looks awful.

    About an hour away from Joplin MO, and Springfield MO. Hour in a half from Kansas City.

    I have these also listed locally and on Craigslist, so they may still sell.

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