Ducklings legs are messed up

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    Hi, I am new to duck raising.. My husband and I bought 4 ducklings from Tractor Supply on the 17th.. Well everything was going good and 2 days ago I realize one of the babies could not walk. I started him on niacin and bought a supplement for his food also..

    I was just wondering now many days till he shows signs of improvement. And if it is some other leg issue.

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    I've raised other varieties of birds, but not ducklings, however, one of my doves had a similar issue after "Mom" spent too much time sitting on her. Funny as it sounds, and looked- the vet fitted her with a tiny leg splint, which stayed on for a couple of weeks and this corrected the problem. It may be worth a try with your duckling.
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    Ducklings regularly have leg problems related to B vitamin deficiency.

    The recommendation is to give 100 to 150 mg plain niacin (not no-flush, not timed release) per gallon of drinking water for 8 weeks or so.

    Some folks use B Complex (using niacin, B3 levels for dosage). Some put a tablespoon of brewer's yeast (not baking yeast, not wine making yeast) per cup of food the first 2 or 3 months.

    Improvement is often noticed within a week or so.

    Chick starter doesn't have as much B as many ducklings need.
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    My duckling has not shown any improvement.. I feel so bad for him that if I did more research on owning ducks that this would have not happened. TSC should give customers buying ducks a quick overview. Maybe tell customers that chick food does not have enough niacin in it and/or sell brewers yeast. My other 3 ducks are doing great.

    But I will not give up on my duck..My husband is going to make him a duck cart. Dapper will have a great life.. No matter if the legs work or not.
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