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    I have two newly hatched runner ducklings and I know standing and walking is difficult for them for a couple days, but the legs on the ducklings seem to be going to the outer sides sometimes. It's almost like they can't keep their legs straight under them and they end up spreading out to the sides. I've never seen this with any of my ducklings there something I can do?

    Right now they're laying on a pillow case with a small stuffed dog inside.
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    Thanks guys! I'll give that a try. [​IMG]
  3. Quote:No problem! Be prepared cause at first when you set them down, they won't like it and will flip and flop and fall over, but they will quickly get used to it.

    Also, use a small chick/quail waterer as if the lip of the waterer is too wide, they can fall in it and drown! Had this happen and have heard of other that have had the same thing happen! Good luck! [​IMG]
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    Also make sure they are on a rough surface, like paper rowels, rubber shelf liners with holes in them or pine shavings.
    Nothing slick like newspaper, magazines or anything smooth.

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