Ducklings swimming question?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by duckins, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Dec 29, 2012
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    My runners are 2 weeks old they started having swim time in my tub @ 5 days old very little water and we increased water slowly as they age somedays they sneeze which I think is normal take a swim no more sneezing till next day we do this almost every night some nights I can't let them swim if we are out etc. is it necessary each night I feel very guilty when they don't swim I know older ducks need to submerge their heads in water for cleaning eyes and nose and @ 2 weeks mine only have shallow chick waterer deep enough for the beak. Is this as important for ducklings as it is for ducks! Btw after successfully raising 3 sets of ducklings you would think I'd have brooding period all figured by now lol.
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    It's a sign that you are conscientious, that you still don't feel like you are brooding them perfectly.

    You are right, the ducklings need to be able to wash their little heads and clear their nares. And it's tricky with them so small. gryeyes has a nice head wash design, and others have some good ones, too.

    She used a plastic margarine tub with a snap-on lid. She cut a hole in the lid big enough for a head to go through, but not big enough for the duckling to climb in. That way they can dunk their heads and snoot the yuckies out of their nares.

    As with anything new, I would watch closely for half an hour after giving them something like this.

    The baths are the best, I think, because it lets them wash all the crumblies off, and is said to stimulate their preen glands.
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    Dec 29, 2012
    Gladys, Va
    I gave them a little container of water this a.m. Since no swim last night to clean up heads but I had to hold it for obvious reasons butter container sounds great for the days they can't swim. Thanks.
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    Round 1 brooding I used a 1 gallon chick waterer. It was deep enough that they could get their bills in there, but not their heads. They swam daily in the tub or on the deck in the kiddie pool as well.
    Did the same thing with round 2 - they were hoping up on the container of water with a hole cut out, so back to the waterer we went - again, they got a daily dip as well.

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