Ducklings vs. Incubating


12 Years
May 7, 2007
Northern California
I'm in the research phase of getting ducks, and trying to decide if we should incubate some eggs or get day old ducklings. Will it make much difference in how well they bond with us?
From my experience, the number you get will make a difference. Just have to play with them or be with them as much as possible in the beginning so that they really imprint on you. However I would definitely hatch them out as it is more special that way and I have them sitting on my chest and sleep in the first couple of days ( not the whole 24 hours though) just when I can and they really get attached to me.
I say get sexed day olds....if you get eggs theres always a chance you could end up with like 10 drakes and 3 hens....then they are headed to disasterville. Also, if you get eggs they most likely won't all hatch and you may be disappointed. There is no difference in bonding whether you are getting Day-Olds or hatching your own.

Have fun!
It's a personal choice. You are not really saving any money, because not all will hatch after being mailed and you need to get an incubator too. There are rewards in doing it and it is fun too.

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