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Mar 6, 2011
Victoria tx
Hi my name is sterling and I'm new to this site andnim new with having ducks. A few days ago I bought some from TSC and I want to identify them i think one is either a mallard or Rouen the other two I'm not sure the dark one looks kinda green and the yellow one has a topnot on the back of the head
I don't know about the yellowish one. I think you are right about the mallard. The brown one might be a khaki campbell, of which I think I got yesterday...

Hello and
Those are cute babies. The one with the striped eyes usually are Mallard. The little one with the poof is a crested mix..crested pekins are usually all yellow (white) I love the coloring on its back.
The little brown one, I don't know.
They need to keep warm, do you have them set up with a heat lamp? Ducklings like to get wet even when they are this small and can get chilled.
Have fun with them, they are funny to watch!
You can keep them together for a short while, just be careful the ducklings do not get the chicks wet. Ducks are so much more messier than chicks

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