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  1. I previously posted about the duckponics system I set up in August (late winter) with some help from Grow Fresh Aquaponics in Melbourne. It was basically a variant of their normal fish based system but pumping waste water from the duck pond into the grow bed tank instead. The bacteria in the grow bed convert the ammonia from duck poop into nitrates which feeds the plants and cleans the water which then runs back into the pond. The first summer (before duckponics) I had the pond it reeked of ammonia but now it clears the water quite quickly and no smell. My early crop was lettuce and then beetroot and now the grow bed tank is overflowing with tomato plants. Here are some before and after photos. I have a public FB page caled "Aquackulture" (note the spelling!) if you want to see more photos of the history of this project.


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