Ducks added to Chickens and Alpacas


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Apr 9, 2008
Byron, IL
We currently have chickens and alpacas. The chickens have their own coop and usually do not venture close to the alpacas, but they could go by them and they free range during the day wherever they want. My husband would like ducks (I think they are adorable also), but he thinks they can just stay in the barn with the alpacas. After locking up the chickens every night in their coop, I'm worried about the ducks just staying in the barn. I'm also wondering about the mess they may cause in the barn and how we would feed them without the alpacas or our Great Pyr eating their food and getting sick.

I've read some keep ducks and chickens together, but don't they eat different food? Can ducks eat regular chicken feed? What would be recommendations for type of duck and what do you think may work in our situation?
I don't think its a good idea. PM me and I can give you two ladies email addresses that teach classes on alpacas and they would be able to tell you. Chickens are not a good idea, because of cross contamination and I bet ducks will be the same. Let me know if you are interested!

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