Ducks and ants


7 Years
Apr 20, 2012
Southwest Virginia
I posted this in the other forum but got no replies...I also tried to read up about it from former post but everything I could find was about chickens. We have to spray every year around our house for ants, they are really bad. I have tried natural products but haven't found any that works very good so far. We usually spray a few times a year around our house with Hotshot in the gallon sprayer. The duck pen is getting run over by them please help with a duck safe product.
I was serious- but like was mentioned all the ants do is find someplace else to live. I bought it to torch weeds but found it does handle ants to a point
I did a search on it and that is very interesting. I know most people were using it for weeds but said it would work on ants also. How does it do on weeds? I have a lot of those

I made up a vinegar and water solution for now, so basically all that will do is kill them also. I wish I could find their nest. They are those little itty bitty black ants that usually are easier to follow the trail, but I'm not having much luck.

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