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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by farm316, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Jul 28, 2014
    I have a small mutt (20lbs) named Tyson , he goes out with me everyday to check up on the chickens and the ducks.He loves playing with the hens and doesn't care much about the ducks and we haven't even trained him lol. We got 6 little juvenile hens a couple months ago and all he (Tyson) Chases the juveniles till they give up! He chases them and traps them and kills them! Just kidding, He will trap them and sit there and watch them so they don't run away. I will tell him "Come on! Let him go" Tyson will let the chicken go and then the chicken escapes and then Tyson goes after that sam chicken every time till we go back in the house. I can post some pics later today! I think its funny, we have had him for 2 years and that all he does to the chickens
    We also got him from the pound, who knew that he would be so awesome with the chickens???
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    If your dog is "playing" with the chickens and stressing them out which more than likely he is since he is predator they are prey. I wouldn't let it continue eventually he will kill one maybe by accident or on purpose but then it won't be funny.
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    I don't think the chickens think it is funny. That is also not "playing" behavior. While he hasn't killed one yet you need to start correcting that behavior and not let it happen. That is a warning flag and needs to addressed.
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    I agree.

    Stressed chickens may get disease more readily. Also, even if the dog doesn't mean to hurt one, he may accidentally do so (or intentionally).
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