Ducks and ducklings crd help?


8 Years
Jan 14, 2012
Hey friends! We are a small time poultry farm, with a flock of fifty some odd chickens. All layers. We recently got on the duck side of things and have increased our duck flock from sixty:). We are loving the process. Here's my question. My chickens have come down with crd. Something that we have dealt with before and seems to be no biggie amongst them. They cough and sneeze, and within a months time the whole flock is better. I am NOT A PANICK at the drop of a hat chicken owner when it comes to these things....either they make it. Or they don't. So out of the four ducks living with the hens our runner male came down with crd. We seperated him with his three lady friends and he has gotten better. None of the hen ducks have shown signs of crd, but I'm aware they are probably carriers. Here's the thing.....we have 55 two week old ducklings outgrowing all enclosures (as ducklings do). What suggestions do you have when it comes to introducing them to the other four ducks. Introducing them to the chicken flock. Crd safety. Prevention? Any kind of medicines I can use on the ducklings, for prevention. The ducklings are khaki Campbell's and buffs.

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