Ducks and Geese making holes in ground

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by rodandstafffarm, Jul 8, 2011.

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    Feb 20, 2011
    I am having quite an issue with my 6 cayuga ducks making holes (pretty good ones!) in the ground around their pool (kiddie pool) and waterer. If I move them, they make more holes with their beaks, and then splash water in them and just make them deeper. Should I fill the holes with sand or gravel? I am feeding everyone Blue Seal Grower-Cal and they have an acre pasture to graze in (fenced in). I'm wondering are they lacking in a mineral, just trying to get to grit or simply having a good time? The ducks seem to be the worst culprits but the geese enjoy the holes once the ducks have started them up. Thanks, June
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    They are doing what comes natural. Billing for goodies in the mud they make. Ours go from their mud holes to their pool and back and forth and back and forth. Loads of fun for them, lovely mucky pool for me to dump.

    Side note ours do it less now after I planted 4 large pots with ferns in them near their large pool. They eat the ferns and play in the dirt in the pots.
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    I move my pools around just about every time I refill them. I have a container of grass seed and some soil handy out the back and spread a little over the area if it is a bit bare or there are a few holes. Its a great way of keeping the grass nice since there is always some nice new shoots growing up. Since I cant stop them puddling and making holes I just deal with fixing it as it happens.
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    Oh yes, mine do that to! although truth be told my labrador is way worse at digging holes lol
  5. I move my flock through my orchard, and between the chicken dust baths, the ducks muddling about in the wet spots (which they think is anywhere that has seen a drop of water in the past hour) and the geese eating the mole hill dirt (fresh mole hill dirt is apparently dessert among geese) I have several places that I'm going to have to fill in and put rocks on until the grass stabilizes. The ducks are the worst, but they are gleefully urged on by the geese, who come and steal the hole from the ducks if it looks good . . . Sounds completely normal to me -- I love the dirt in pots idea and I too move the waterers and swimming pools every day to keep the erosion under control.

    If you are always going to keep the water in the same place, I'd fill with gravel and then just touch it up when there are new holes. Other people build a platform for the water with wire mesh on top, so the ducks can't get to the muddy bits.
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    Quote:Oh gosh, this made me LOL! Sounds like a riot at your place! [​IMG]

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