Ducks and Geese, NW Georgia

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    Winters coming and need to cut my feed bill [​IMG] Have a limited amount of birds for sale. All are 2nd generation Holderread birds. (most are this springs hatch, may have a few that are 1-2 years old)
    Saxony pairs (2-3 sets) Bibbed Dutch Hook bill pairs. (3 sets). Silkie Ducks (3 sets at least) ...(smooth only; will hatch 1/4-1/2 silkie offspring....mixed colors...showing mallard, black/blue headed Fawn / drakes threw cinnamion? . Also black/black brown bibbed? , may have some silkie feathered showing for sale (still sorting those I am keeping). Also some NQP Penciled Runner Drakes ,Gray Pair , and 2 white ducks from the Penciled Runners. .
    Have extra Shetland Gandars for sale. (white) 50$ each..2...May sell One pair (100$). (white gandar, saddleback goose) One Super African, Brown(very large) from Holdereads Gandar 2 years old 100$ Tame to me, raised with Ducks... good Guardian....named "Gandalf". One 3 year old tufted Buff Goose from Murray McMuray... will set eggs....30.00$
    Photos of birds can be emailed (and I will TRY to get some posted as soon as I can figure out how to do so with the new computer!) Pickup in Rome or Adairsville area (I will meet you). (Or can ship in Georgia, but costs are usually 40 -100 $ a box plus birds costs). Beyond those two towns, would be a fuel charge (think diesel truck).
    Had to put price in above. But here are prices.Saxony 35$ pair, Runners and hookbills 35.00$ pair or 15.00 for NQP Runners if buy more than one. Silkies 40.00 pair for smooths showing, but carrying Silkie gene.
    Phone andr equest. I can email from my phone photos, but am not super techy Grandmother [​IMG]

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