ducks and geese together?

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  1. At my school, we are hatching ducks, and I am pretty sure I will not be able to keep one, but can ducks and geese live together? I have one gander and one goose that have lived together for four years, along with another that just died. They have pretty good tempers outside of breeding season, though the goose just killed the other female because of (I think) jeaslousy. Do you think they would accept a kacki cambel duck?
  2. OreoPlymothRock

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    Apr 3, 2012
    yes, just make sure they are about the same age
  3. Kevin565

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    Dec 22, 2009
    My Geese and Ducks run together. There is occasionally aggression from both parties but in general are okay. However, if you have a overly aggressive Gander I'd vote no
  4. The duck would probably do better if you got a few more ducks about the same age . . . my geese do fine with the ducks, but there are a lot of geese, and a lot of ducks and they tend to stay within their groups . . .
  5. They would be a pair of ducks, and they would be much younger than the geese. Of course, I wouldn't put them together until they were fully grown. I just want to know about sleepy space at night. [​IMG]
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    I'd put a separte house or divider for them at night. I let some of my geese and d ucks together outside. It's iffy in the early spring. The female Tufted Buff geese got territorial and started chasing the ducks away from "her area, day run". They were fine the first 2 years. I also have a goose raised with the ducks and she is the timid and fine with the Saxonies. I also had a drake drive away younger male geese around breeding season, but right now everyone is pretty much ok with each other. The ones raised together seem to do better. different breeds and personalities too, you get to be a bird Psychologist [​IMG]
    I wouldn't risk young birds with geese that killed another bird without supervision or a divider.
  7. Sasa

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    What kind of geese do you have that would kill each other? Wow. I have 3 Embden hens, a Toulouse hen and a Toulouse gosling that my Toulouse hen is adopting (yay). They all live with Runner ducks and are fine. Two of the Runner drakes have claimed one of the Embden hens and they "mate" with her, silly ducks. I think their compatibility has very much to do with the fact that they roam over an acre all day long and have 2 play pools and a 6ft. round stock tank to swim in. They are not crowded, they have plenty of water and food and they have separate night pens. If they were stuck in some small dirt pen with just one play pool, as I see often with farm birds, they would be so unhappy that their frustrations would rule their behavior and I would probably have some dead ducks, and sick birds. I think that if your birds have plenty of clean space, grazing, food and water they should get along fine with each other.
  8. I have American Buff geese, who are pretty friendly, but the male favored one female over the other, and the dominant one beat the other, so she got stuck in the fence. They have a pasture to graze and a brook they swim in. Thanks everyone for the help; I don't think I can have a duck this year, but maybe next year, and I don't want to rehome the geese.
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    I have 2 American buffs, 1 is about 2 months old and the other maybe 4, my 2 month old was brooded with the ducks and the gander took to them like a duck to water lol He is their protector. However, the place I got the youngest from had to keep his ducks and geese separate because they were killing the ducks. So I guess maybe it depends on temperment...if your goose killed another goose I would honestly not put the ducks in with them
  10. Sasa

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    Mar 20, 2011
    Northern Colorado
    I had a Buff gander who favored the 2 young hens over the older one and kept trying to drive her away, I had to re-home him. I wonder if that happens alot with Buffs? You're so lucky to have a brook for your geese. Mine are stuck with stock tanks but they do have acreage to roam.

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