Ducks and Wasps?


Mar 28, 2020
288 know what's funny is that quite a bit of people who have ducks, also have honey bees. :D

ITs funny to me.


So I have been checking the bees everyday and there's always a ton of wasps and yellowjackets. No matter how many I kill they just keep coming back. So I had this idea, I wonder if the ducks would eat the mashed up wasp and yellow jacket carcasses? I thought I'd ask and see if any of you have tried it.

I did try to see if they'd eat the dead honey bees and they wouldn't. But they are more hungry for energy now. And so I want to try the wasp and yellow jackets. Plus, they are so many you know. Tons of wasps...

Well if anyone has any input it would be interesting to hear.


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Aug 28, 2020
Ducks will eat bees however, they are still suspectable to the venom just like we are and dead bees can still sting. I wouldn't purposely feed my ducks bees if it was me personally.

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