Ducks are "forgetting" they are girls.....


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Shamong, NJ
So we have 8 ducks and a drake. I've recently posted that our drake was attacked twice by our guinea. Anyway since we've had our drake recuperating inside (We let him out for visits with the girls) to keep him away from our male guinea, we have 2 girls that have begun to act like our drake. We have found 2 of our girls, usually the Indian runner, but once caught a Khaki, mounting the other girls.
Is this something anyone else has encountered?
I have a blue Swedish duck that will sometimes mount my two other ducks...even when the drake is right beside them. My daughter asks me why and I have no clue. I get 3 eggs a day, so I know they are all girls lol.
It's a pecking order thing. The "queen" duck mounts the subordinates to remind them she is in charge.

Lana (buff) used to do it to Chrissy (runner) all the time. The funny thing is, she always submitted for Lana, but she WOULD NOT submit to the drake. So for Lana, it was a dominance issue, but for Chrissy, well, she prefers girls...

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