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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by duey thompson, Jul 6, 2011.

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    May 25, 2011
    I just saw two new ducks under the mother. she is sitting 10 or 12 eggs. These two are so cute with their little heads sticking out and their eyes wide open looking all around. It is my first time to have ducklings and I have a couple of questions. Should I let her raise them or bring them inside to a brooder? Also, they are in a coop with two grown chickens, will the chickens hurt them? And lastly, what about the pond, could they drown? I had heard something about chickens or ducks drowning in their own water. Is this true? Any help will be appreciated. I'll keep you posted about more arrivals and try to post some photos. dewdrop
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    firstly, congrats on the new babies, what are they?? (breed i mean)

    second, whether you take them or not is up to you, though momma might not thank you for it if you do, I've alwasys been the kind of thinker that, if she's done all the work thus far, let her raise em up, they certainly will not be tame at all, and whether your broody is as good a momma to her babies now that they're...babies, and not eggs is up tp her as well, I've had AWESOME broodies on eggs turn out to be horrible mommas, as far as the chickens go, for the first little while momma will kep them in line if she's got the stuff, i have one hen who has just stopped attacking everything in site of her babies...and they're almost 2 months old!, ducks only raise their young for a month or so.

    the pond, they will only drown if there is no easy exit to land, their down collects the water repellent oils from their moms feathers when they go under her for naps, and at night when they are sleeping under her.

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