Ducks are stupid


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Apr 26, 2020
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I don't think they are dumb or stupid. They just don't like change and are leery of new things this has to do with the fact that they are prey animals and have no real defense from predators. As for the light, did you know that at night you can guide them by using a flash light? I am not sure why ducks are leery of light especially when its directly in front of them, but they are and you can use it to your advantage. But, obviously not install one at an opening where they are supposed to enter.
Ducks are actually very intelligent and learn things quickly. A domestic duck is thought to be as intelligent as a 3 yr old child which would be on par with dogs. It's all about the trainer or the stimulus you provide for them. 😊

This is article compares ducks to other animals:

This is another great article:
Especially this section:


Abstract intelligence is defined as “the capacity to understand and manage abstract ideas and symbols.” In humans, abstract intelligence is essential for such things as creative problem solving, humor, and novel ideas and inventions.

Conventional scientific wisdom has held that abstract thinking was only possible in a handful of super-intelligent animals such as apes, crows, and dolphins. It was also thought that abstract intelligence required experiential learning and possibly teaching/instructing from an adult in combination with punishments/rewards. Then along came a 2016 study where scientists performed a range of tests on ducklings…

Researchers found that as soon as ducklings hatch, they have a remarkable degree of abstract intelligence. The study’s co-author, Alex Kacelnik, of Oxford University’s zoology department, said: “To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of a non-human organism learning to discriminate between abstract relational concepts without any reinforcement training.”
Too cool! Here's a video of the study:

Mar 26, 2020
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Can we see a picture of Scuba?
I can get a better one later on, shes sort of slow and usually looks a bit ragged compared to the others, she was sort of half broody all summer and her feathers took it hard. Looks like she’s decided to start molting. She does much better on water than land..she’s definitely a fan favorite however.
Reminds me of Tiny Tim from the Disney Christmas Carrol


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