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    Feb 26, 2017
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    So, I have been following BYC for a while now, trying to figure out if they are right for me and my family. We are almost decided, but I have one more question. Everyone we have asked so far says that ducks are cute, funny, and smart, but SO messy! So messy that none of them want ducks again.[​IMG] My question is, is the mess worth it? We only want 2 ducks, so with two ducks, is the mess horrible?

    Also, if we get ducks, we want to get them from a local IFA. IFA carries Cayugas, Pekins, and Blue Swedish. We fell in love with Cayugas, but we are not sure on the second breed. Does anyone have experience with either breed? We do have the option of a special order, though. BTW we live in an urban neighborhood, if that changes anything.

    Thanks in advance![​IMG]
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    When hey were babies I had to change all the bedding in the brooder daily. We have muscovies and they def leave a decent size poop but they don't make a disaster of the yard of course I have 11 chickens and just based on numbers the chicken poop is way worse.
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    If you want pets, I've found the pekins the most friendly. They'd follow us everywhere.
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    It really depends on you, what makes it worth it for you. If you just want a pet you could go with a bantam breed like a call or egg layer breed like the magpie. For me they are very entertaining and I love getting bigger eggs. They out lay my moms chickens! Wood pellets for bedding are great for ducks and last longer than straw or shavings.
    Two ducks are not so bad, but in general ducks are messy.
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    I have 11 grown ducks and I don't find them to be too messy, I have to change the bedding about once every two weeks (if I'm lucky) the waterer they have at night they can't get into so the mess is at a minimum, if they can get into the water at night then I'd have to change the bedding at least once a week. I think two ducks won't be very messy. However while they're in the brooder they will need to be changed at least once every two days (once a day is better)

    As to the breeds question, I loved my Cayuga, she was hardy (though not hardy enough to escape the fox :hit) she wasn't super friendly but wasn't scared of me either. I have pekins, I love my pekins they're not super skittish though they like to keep at a distance. My blue Swedes aren't too friendly though but I'm sure if there was just two they'd be a lot friendlier, things bond better in small groups.
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    I mean... I'd get ducks again! [​IMG] I am getting ducks again, in fact - and I think that they are well worth the mess!
    Like Possible You in the Future, I only had two ducks. Two Cayuga girls. I didn't think the mess was too horrible, but it depends on what you define as 'mess.'
    Yes, they pooped in their water. We changed their water daily, which wasn't too much work - dump water out, hose down water bowl/tub/thing, and refill. They didn't make a mess of the yard, though. They also pooped in their day pen. Once a week or once every two weeks, I would change their bedding and scatter more. That didn't take long either. We provided a kiddie pool for them. We changed the water for that every three or four days. If you get a kiddie pool, I suggest one with a drain, but that's besides the point.

    I have no experience with Pekins or Blue Swedish, but I have experience on Cayugas [​IMG]. Because your heart is already set on one, I'll just tell you that your choice is not in vain! So, yes, I would get ducks again, despite their (Easily-controlled) mess.
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  7. Not sure where you live but one of the main "mess factors" is they need water for bathing...not a huge amount but a tub which can be emptied easily and big enough for everybody to get into. Other than that choice of breed is your choice because care is pretty much the same. I've kept mallards, Rouens, Muscovys, and Khaki-campbells (which are great egg layers). Never had the beautiful Cayuga.
    As a hand raised duckling any duck quickly imprints on you and is a great pet...but you have to have a plan on how you can handle water issues. Ducks are also more quiet overall than chickens.
  8. Batduck46

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    Feb 26, 2017
    With my family
    Thank you, that was very helpful! Would a plastic kiddie pool form Wal-mart suffice as a pool? We only want two ducks.
  9. My good friend absolutely hated her Ducks and all the mess....She loves Chickens and is buying all my Chickens....I on the other hand love Ducks and do not find them as messy as others say they are.....?
    Yes, they are fun and playful...Smart and inquisitive .....Very social....Can be loud;)
    More like feathered Puppies all their lives....

    I love all breeds....All Ducks are great!

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    Jan 1, 2017
    Yes, a Wal-mart kiddie pool would be great! [​IMG]

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