Ducks beside pheasants


10 Years
Aug 28, 2009
Hi is it ok to have Ducks in a pen beside pheasants with wire between them.
I am asking because of concern that ducks like chickens can give diseases to pheasants and am wondering should they be housed totally away from pheasants.

It would depend on the species of ducks and pheasants. Housing in adjacent avaries shouldn't be a problem for most species. Some pheasants do not do very well in wet conditions - others seem to enjoy it.

Some the eastern Lophura species do very well with waterfowl: Edward's, Silver, Swinhoe, etc. I've observed each of these actually wading in pools and also enjoy misting and a sprinkler. The western pheasants like Monals, Eared, and Koklass prefer drier conditions. I currently keep Swinhoe with a variety of wild waterfowl species and have for a number of years with no problems.

Now you also have to make sure your aviaries are large enough to accommodate both types of birds. Tight and barren spots will certainly lead to problems. Some waterfowl species can be aggressive towards their cage mates, so be wary, study, read, and ask questions before purchasing.

I wouldn't house any pheasants with the large domestic breeds of ducks.

Thanks for replies.

I wouldnt ever have the ducks in the same pen as the pheasants or all together.

Its just beside the Red golden pen at moment. And that was my concern.
Do they need to be moved away etc i was wondering

The ducks are Mandarins, Ruddy Shellducks and Khaki Campbells.Are these classed as large fowl ?

The pheasants i have in seperate pens are Red Goldens, Reeves, Silvers,
Temmicks, Yellows, Amherest, Quail and Peacock and Hen.

That should do me for a while. Although my other half wants partridge now also.

The Khaki Campbell are the only domestic you listed. Mandarins do well with others provided there is enough room for everyone. The Shelducks can be a problem - have had it both ways. One pair of Ruddy were super in a mixed aviary and another would kill anything that would come close to them!!

Dan I Think He's More Worried About Coryza Or Mycoplasma Transmission From The Waterfowl To The Pheasants.... Can You Shed Any Light On That? Thanx
Those Speces Can Be A Coryza Or Mycoplasma Transmitter, Like Tony K T Said-- Why Chance It? Put The Ducks On 1 Side Of The Yard And The Gamebirds On The Other. And Wash Your Hands Between The 2! You Hear The Catch Phrase "bio Security" ? Look Up The "this Is Why We Dont Keep Quail And Chickens Togather" Post By Fitzy In The Quail String And Read It. Same Thing Happens To Pheasants Too--- Only The Pheasants Seem To Be Way More Susceptable To Some Of These Diseases Than Quail...

I Can Tell You This If It Helps--- The Older The Gamebird The Less Likely (not 100% Foolproof, Just Less Likely) They Are To Contract Either Mycoplasma Or Coryza. It Seems The Younger Birds Are More Apt To Get It Than The Adults Are...

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