Ducks, Chickens, AND RABBITS Oh My!!

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    Being the winter time, I like to stew in many ideas of what I want to do during the next year starting off in the spring time. Well I've come across the idea of raising rabbits. How I came across this is that working at a pet store we rarely get any good quality reliable rabbits for selling through the year. So I wondered, with the land I'm blessed with and the job to aid me in doing so, should I raise rabbits and can I raise rabbits? Now what Im needing feed back from you guys is some quality advice and personal experiences with raising rabbits along side ducks and/or chickens. Now Ive heard some interesting opinions already about chickens having a pecking order and killing off the rabbits; that's fine I'm not much for the chickens I have anyways and someone would be very thankful for a chicken on their table during this season. I have a fully weather proof coop of 10x7x6ft; a small kiddy pool/duck pond and a consistently cleaned indoor and outdoor enclosure for the birds. What preparations with my indoor and outdoor living spaces should I adjust to prepair for keeping the furry friends? What feeding routines or foods should and change? I live in West Texas so extreme winters are not in our forecast but hot summers are, what should I keep in mind for keeping the rabbits cool in the summers? Also, what breeds would be best or ideal for colonizing?

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    I'll just give you my top ten... I am sure many others will jump in with their list...

    1. never expose them to direct sunlight or place them where they can't find a shade
    2. cleanliness is a most (clean water, dishes and nests) will keep mites and infections away
    3. handle them daily (they are pretty quiet creatures, by touching them you can assess their well being and get them used to people)
    4. give them a spot to lay flat (flooring) if they are caged and of course a play pen (never put boys and girls inside the pen at the same time... they will do more than playing by the time you turn your back on them)
    5. have nails trimmed
    6. avoid accidental pregnancies having males and females in separate cages/housing (females have dual uteruses and will get pregnant in both of them with babies at different developmental stages which will be a disaster and usually deadly for babies and possibly her)
    7. keep records (trust me they come really handy when population increases)
    8. share your veggies... add veggie scraps or garden greens to their pellet diet (hay is also important to avoid dental issues that can be deadly... ask me how I know [​IMG] )
    9. have a quarantine area ready... diseases amongst rabbit can be spread rapidly (when something does not look ok with one rabbit move him immediately)
    10. enjoy them (once you don't anymore... just don't have them. They make little noise and are not demanding creatures and can be easily neglected by careless owners)

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