Ducks eating goat food

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by marilyn1, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Jan 4, 2013
    I have goats and the 2 adult ducks I have been feeding the pelleted food or crumbles for poultry. They eat it but will also run over and eat the goats food. The goats do the same thing. I separate them and the ducks go eat a few seconds and go over and look at the goats the goats do the same thing. neither food is medicated. The goats get sweet feed. Will this hurt the ducks.
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    Good morning!

    I don't have goats, just ducks, but I feel it depends on how much food swapping they do. I start with a base boughten feed, either Blue Seal Organic or Nutrena, and the ducks get vegetables and whatever they forage, so that changes their total intake of nutrients and calories. They seem fine. I doubt there's anything in the goat feed that is not good for the ducks, though that is not for sure.

    Have you compared the ingredient lists of the two specific feeds? That's what I would do, then I would call the manufacturers and ask their experts about the different ingredients.

    For example, I know ducks need a little salt in their diet, but would the goat feed have way too much salt for them?

    Any way you can put the feed in containers or in spaces where they are less likely to get into it? A taller feeder for the goats, a fence around the duck feed that the ducks can walk through?

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