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    Jun 20, 2009
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    2 Cuyuga Ducks for sale, one male one female. A neighbor purchased them from Southern States last year, and I've had them since January - he was unable to keep them. We are now moving, and our new place does not have enough room for the ducks as well as our hens...

    They're young, healthy, and pretty friendly. They were kept in a poultry house until January, but they've been outdoor birds since - they come with a plastic doghouse as a shelter, and a rubber watering dish as a mini-pond, and I'll throw in whatever food they have left when they are picked up. They've been penned in our enclosed garden at night, but free-range with the chickens during the day.

    Nice enough birds, and I wish we could keep them, but it's not practical, and I'd rather they went somewhere that has more room for them to roam.
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    I wish you were closer to me, I love Cuyuga Ducks!

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