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May 22, 2008
We have about lots ducks and chickens to find new homes for. They all free range and are getting into the farmers wheat in the field across the street. He is not happy to say the least so and wants them locked up. We do not have room for that many ducks & chickens nor do we want to lock them up as we bought them to be buggers in our pastures. We will keep a few that we can lock up until the wheat is in but the rest have to go. They will have to go to the auction on Thursday if they are not spoken for before then. We have avaliable:

2 Jumbo Pekin hens (gone)
3 Khaki Campbell hens (gone)
3 runner hens (gone)
4 pekin hens (gone)
1 pekin drake
1 Cayuga drake
1 mix drake (very pretty)
3 mix hens
1 Barred Rock Rooster (gone)
5 Barred Rock Hens (gone)
4 Black Australorpe Hens (gone)
4 Buff Orps (gone)

I do not know how to post pictures on here but if you are interested I can send pictures. The chickens are 08 spring hatchings and are laying daily. The ducks are 07-08 hatchings and most are laying.

We are located in Sharpsville. Just south of Kokomo or 1 hour north of Indianapolis.

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