ducks + gasoline fumes?


Aug 1, 2021
i’ve been lurking on BYC for a while but never made an account, so forgive me if my first post is a little messy or in the wrong place. my sister is babysitting my 6 ducklings at her place for a few days and she’s keeping their brooder in her garage. dropped them off fine, but noticed there was a bit of a gasoline smell from a leak she couldn’t find. it wasn’t overwhelming and i had no problems with it myself while i was moving the ducks and their things in there. just that general “gasoline in a garage” smell so i didn’t think much of it. however, if there’s a small gas leak, will the fumes hurt the ducks? i was there for almost an hour and checked on them before leaving, they were all fine. i’m just worried that prolonged exposure could do respiratory damage/give them carbon monoxide poisoning/ kill them. anybody know if might be a problem? obviously i know it depends on how bad the leak is, so given that it’s not very strong i’m hoping they’ll be okay but wanted to see if anyone had some more insight. thanks :)


In the Brooder
Aug 2, 2021
It could make them sick over time. If you could move them somewhere else that didn’t have any fumes it would be better to be safe than sorry.

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