Ducks hatching their eggs


5 Years
Apr 28, 2014
Hi there all. I have 2 female ducks and 2 male ducks in my garden. The 2 females are currently sat on approx 26 eggs between them. They have chose their own nests i have stood back and let them do what they want.

The 2 males are constantly jumping on the one female as soon as she comes off her eggs. Then they cool down.

This is the first hatching lot of eggs I have done without the incubator. As you can probably tell they are currently protective of their eggs and hiss when i go near them. Quite funny considering I hand reared the 4 ducks.

Now I am a bit lost in what to do next. Ideally I want to remove the ducklings so they can go elsewhere.

Please can you offer advise on this please. Do I split the male ducks away from the female ducks now? or leave and then intervene when they have hatched?


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10 Years
Dec 22, 2009
Welcome to BYC!

I've had drakes kill ducklings in the past so I would personally separate them now.

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