Ducks house with sand not wood shavings ok?


13 Years
Apr 27, 2007
Central MA
I've built my ducks a new house with an enclosed sand run/pool area. The problem I've noticed is when they come in and out of the house (wood shavings on the floor) the shavings get tracked into the run and eventually into the pool. I should have thought of this before but I didn't

So I was thinking what about putting play sand in their house instead of wood shavings? It's insulating like shavings but the problem of dragging shavings into the pool wouldn't be a problem any longer. The house is small like a dog house and I could just pooper scoop it and add more sand as needed. It seems ideal to me but I'd like to hear if anyone has had a problem with housing ducks on sand before.



Everybody loves a Turkey
11 Years
Feb 10, 2008
Eastern NC
We use sand in our runs, brooder boxes. There is a sand pit right down the road from our house so we get it by the dump truck load. Never had any problems with it.

Steve in NC

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