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  1. I was recently on holiday in Vietnam and loved seeing large flocks of ducks on farms being raised near water. The birds looked like Pekins but had some off white feathers. I also saw the occasional mallard male which had joined them.

    The first photo shows some ducks next to the road take from the car. We drove to the village of Phu Cam near Hanoi as I read there was a duck farm you could visit but even though we had a Vietnamese speaker in the car asking for a duck farm in Vietnam is like asking for a corn farm in Iowa. Yes. Which one?. In the second photo you can see ducks kept on water in an enclosed area on the Red River. The farms combine rice, herbs, ducks, fish and water buffalo and recycle everything. The last photo was taken from the window of the train from Danang to Saigon. It was of a pile of ducks feathers on a piece of cloth about 1 meter (1yd) square on the train platform. It may have been some sort offering as it was Tet (Vietnamese New Year) Eve. If anyone knows for sure please reply!

    I must say seeing all those ducks made for a very enjoyable holiday. And, no, I didn't eat any either.

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    Oh, lovely! I would never have opportunity to see or learn about this otherwise, thanks!

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