Ducks laying on chicken nest boxes, what to do???????????


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Mar 11, 2010
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Ok so My Rouen ducks are exactly 22.5 weeks old today, I have 6 Rouens 2 females and 4 males, this past wednesday I found a greenish egg on the nest box at first I thought it was my EE's who had laid it but then I kept looking at it and it felt waxy anyways this morning I found another egg on the nest box so Im now 100% sure its my duck the ones laying that greenish egg as my EE's were still locked up in the coop and the nest box is outside the coop.
Nyways so since wednesday i,ve been getting a duck egg everyday. Now my question is , Is there any chance that she might sit on the eegs this late in the season?
I've been picking the eggs everyday as my chickens lay there too and I dont want my duck to sit in that nest box as is the only one my hens use and Im afraid they might stop using them if I let the duck sin on that nest box.
What can I do, should I leave the eggs and let her decide if she wants to sit and them maybe move her later on when she gets broody?
Thanks in advance.
The problem is that they may decide to sit with the chicken together. Ducks are so much into community nests. At this point she is just producing eggs and I would just take them away. I would also build another nesting box, even though she may not take it. You never know. I would not let her go broody either, but that is kind of beyond your control. Mainly due to the fact that winter is just around the corner. Next spring will be easier for you and the ducklings.

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