Ducks legal in Bend, OR?


Aug 11, 2016

I have two lovely girls (Rouen and a Silver Swedish) who have been with me since they were a day old (now five years old). my family and I are planning on moving to Bend in a couple of months (currently in Portland) and I just read the city ordinance. It looks like only chickens are allowed on land under 5 acres - other fowl require 5 acres. Can that be correct? If so that's ridiculous! We've lived in the Bay Area and Portland - both houses in the city on small-ish lots.

I'm considering stopping the move if it's true. Please someone tell me otherwise!

If you read it in the city ordinance it's probably true. You could always call up the city hall and ask. If they don't know they can direct you to who to call to confirm.

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