Ducks make "great" exercise companions XD

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  1. Today, my grandmother took me to a large pond thats great for jogging around. i've gone there many times before and there are always ducks and occasionly geese. Since it way late in the day, i didn't expect many ducks, but there was tons of mallards and scovies. there was even a scovie duck with ducklings! me being a very good bird catcher, i chased the ducklings around trying to corner them where 2 short concrete walls meet. the duck just followed the ducklings quacking her unhappy quacks. i had finally caught a duckling and before i knew it, that scovie was like a rocket from a launch pad! i already knew she was going to chase me because i know quite a bit about birds and their behaviors. i kept running and she started flying! i quickly turned otherwise she would have caught me, but she landed and stoped. oh, i forgot to add, i put the duckling down as soon as the mother duck started after me.

    i wasn't trying to hurt or keep any ducks/drakes/ducklings, i was just testing her mother instincts [​IMG]
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    I'm not sure how I would react if I saw someone chasing baby ducks at the local park. The swans seem to make short order of anyone who thinks of chasing their babies though.
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    [​IMG] Hahahaha this is funny even to read. If I saw u chaseing the ducklings i prob would of helped lol.
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  5. no harm was done to the birds

    i just can't help myself when it comes to catching birds! i've caught:
    below were caught by hand
    1 baby killdeer
    1 pine siskin
    2 barn swallows
    1 young cowbird
    my chickens [​IMG]
    my cousins' ducks
    1 dark eyed junco
    1 clay colored sparrow

    below were caught by trap
    1 mourning dove
    1 northern cardinal
    1 white throughted sparrow
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