Duck's "manhood" hanging out


11 Years
Aug 10, 2008
We got 2 adult runner drakes last evening. They are beautiful, but the blue drake's manhood has been hanging out about 1-2 inches since his arrival. It has been over 12 hours now. Is this a problem and if so, how to fix it. We put a pool into the run to see if that helps.
"duck tape"

OK, sorry. Not helpful. I couldn't help myself though.
Yes, that is a problem. It's a prolapse, and can lead to infection and other problems. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to help you, but I know there are things you can do. If someone with more experience than I have doesn't chime in soon, maybe you could try searching the forums for "drake prolapse" or something similar. Good luck! And congrats on your new duckies.
Oh Duck wonder my chicken tape didn't work!
Thanks for the link! We just clean him off and indeed the portion hanging out was dead tissue. It was gray and had a hard crusty ring around it. I put antibiotic ointment on the pink tissue and snipped it off just above the crusty patch. A few drops of blood and the rest retracted inside. A bit more antibiotic ointment and out into the clean & dry barn for a rest.
Of course, we've named him Dick!

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