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    Oct 24, 2014
    so i have chickens and have by now gotten pretty good at raising them and i have this huge pond with no ducks on it so... i was thinking about getting a pair of wood ducks or some pretty breed that i can keep there, but here is my questions.

    - i want something pretty- i currently raise game fowl so i want a breed of duck that is similar to them (not in the seance that they will kill each other) in the since that they will be great free rangers and be able to make a nest and hatch eggs on their own and you know be able to have kinda like a common sense about them.

    - i want a breed that will need minimal maintenance i can build a small coop or whatever but i just want them to be able to stay at the pond and me not have to baby them

    - i want something that is pretty but i also want something i can eat (if i want to) so i was thinking wood duck or the other one that starts with an M but mainly wood duck b/c i think they look the best. but could you get any meat off a wood duck

    - what would i need to keep ducks in a pasture with goats and a pond to where they can be there and do their thing and me not have to gather eggs or go down there everyday

    im not lazy its just this is my parents house and id like to get ducks while i can still have their help and when i get my own place after college i can get them back or get their babies.
    any comments are appreciated

    OH ALSO --- should i get ducks or swan or geese or whatever what are the pros and cons of each (following the parameters above)
    - i want it to look good
    - i want to be able to eat it
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    1. Most Ornamental waterfowl would be a huge no in my opinion. Almost all of them would just fly off if left on a open pond. Most of them wouldn't be good candidates for eating either.

    2. Honestly if you're looking for low maintenance I would stay away from waterfowl. They are extremely messy and can completely ruin an area in a matter of weeks.

    3. If they have free access to a pond you will end up losing quite a bit of eggs. I've had ducks lay eggs in their water several times.

    4. Domestic ducks in particular are extremely easy targets for so many predators. Geese are slightly more durable but are still easy pickings for almost any predator.

    5. Honestly I think Swans might be your best bet. They are expensive but seem to fit your criteria best.
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    The Ducks you are looking for are muscovy ducks. Technically, they are a wild duck. So they will be very self sufficient. They can also fly, which makes them safer from predators. If you provide them a nice habitat, like your pond, they will stay there and never leave. Plus they are the best tasting duck ever. Your only drawback is that they reproduce in large numbers. 10 ducks will become 100 before you know it, so youll need to harvest some every season.
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