Ducks Pipping Not Hatching

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    Apr 25, 2017
    I've read a number of threads on this, but nothing quite answers my question.
    I had two duck eggs internally pip Sunday morning, which was day 25. I waited until Monday afternoon and neither had made an external pip. One of them stopped moving or making any noise. At that point I made a small external pip on both. Tuesday morning the one still wasn't moving. I openned it up and as I was sure, it was a dead fully developed duckling. The second stopped moving this afternoon. I'm afraid it's dead too. Any ideas of what's going on? Should I be helping them?
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    Hi and [​IMG]! Glad you joined the BYC community!

    The issue you've described has a number of potential causes, including temperature and/or humidity problems. Have you used that particular incubator previously, and what were the results? Also, where did you get your eggs - were they shipped, from someone local, or from your own stock? If you haven't already read this, it has some information you may find helpful:

    I know how frustrating and disappointing it is for a duckling to make it to external pip but fail to hatch. At this point, especially since you're not seeing movement (or hearing tapping and/or peeping?), I'd take a better look at the remaining egg by opening it a bit more around the external pip. When assisting, remember to go slowly and assist as little as possible...I highly recommend reading this article first:

    Good luck!

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