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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Sparow, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Jun 29, 2009
    We have two female each of indian runners (blue) and cayugas, and one male mallard. One of the cayugas and one of the runners have been sitting on eggs for the past few weeks! (starting memorial day). We didn't think they were fertilized for sure until yesterday when we were cleaning up around the duck house and found one that had inadvertently been broken (it definitely had blood in it). I'm sure they are not all fertile - but evidently some of them are.

    So here's my question: what to do? We don't have an incubator and they've already been sitting for almost 20 days... I understand that it will be a little over 30 before they hatch if any are viable. Is it ok to leave them with the ducks at this point since they have been sitting well? After that, can we let the ducks raise them or should we take them away and put them in a brooder?

    and what to do with more duckies (does anyone want a cute duckling cross [​IMG] )? (we're at full capacity with 5 ducks and over 20 chickens - 2 roosters). The ducks are in the same run as the chickens...should we worry about the chickens picking on the ducklings if we leave them be in the run?

    We've brooded both chicks and ducks, but never that were born on the farm---it's exciting! I want to make sure they get any care that they need. Should we worry more about letting the ducks raise them since these are not known to be mothering breeds? Or worry less since obviously some instinct kicked in to make them sit in the first place? We're in the mid-atlantic area so I'm not too worried about weather, etc......but yikes should we be careful that the babies stay out of the rain until they are waterproofed or will the mothers keep them in the duck house (where the nests are)?

    All help and reassurance appreciated!

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    Im not really sure about if the ducks are going to be good mothers since i dont have either of those breeds. But I would leave the eggs with them. If they have been sitting on them this long they will most likely finish. I would leave them with her and just watch if they are doing okay, the chickens might pick on them a bit but it all depends on how the chickens are. Every chickens is different. I know most of my chickens will be motherly to new chicks but I do have some that dont like them at all. The mother duck will probably protect her babies. I am so happy for you! I know it is exciting when you have new babies. I had baby chicks last year and this year but one of my ducks went broody for me and is siting on eggs. I am soooooo excited, I LOVE baby ducks. I love them more than baby chicks, shhh dont tell. [​IMG] They are just so very cute. One more thing if you have a drake he might also be a little aggresive towards them.

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