ducks stopped laying! Help!

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11 Years
Nov 30, 2008
I've got four Khaki Campbell hens that were reliably laying an egg a day. Sometimes one would miss, but I would find one in the 'courtyard' later on in the day. I've got a lady that wants about ten days worth to hatch out, so I started keeping them separate. Of course, as soon as I started that, my ducks stopped laying! I started saving them on Wednesday, and that morning there were the usual 4 eggs. Next morning, there was 3, but I didn't think too much about it. Didn't see the usual one in the courtyard later that day. Yesterday, 3 eggs again, no fourth one anytime later. This morning, I was very disappointed to see NO eggs!!!! I did just find one a little bit ago in the courtyard. Does anyone have any idea why all of a sudden they have stopped laying eggs? Nothing has changed in their day to day life really. I've had to keep them locked up as the chickens are getting into the pig food, but they've been locked up before and I had no issue with eggs being laid. Any clues??? I can't believe that they waited until I had someone who wants to hatch them out! Any help or thoughts would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!
Are they starting to molt or sit? these will often reduce the number of eggs laid or stop laying all together. It could also be due to a health or dietary problem.
I would look into all of these things to find your answer.

Good luck

I've had the same problem with my Khaki Campbell hens. The hens like to be "private" while laying eggs. I'm not sure if its too crowded for them to lay but if you changed the old bedding with some fresh one and give them some room so to speak they'll start laying.

They don't seem to have any inclination to be sitting on the nest, and I don't see any indication of molting. Was thinking maybe that, but they look fine. The diet hasn't changed, they're still eating the same thing they've been eating for a year, and they are laying in the same place they've been laying for several months. I am letting the flock out later in the afternoon, so they're still getting out, just not for quite as long. Over the winter, due to a neighbor's dogs, I had to keep them in the courtyard and coop 24/7, and they still laid plenty of eggs. I'll add some new bedding to their area tomorrow, see what happens. I might be able to build a little duck house too, or something along those lines.

Thanks for the thoughts! I really appreciate it. This will give me something to try, see if it works.
There were three eggs to greet me this morning. Wonder what was up, or if they'll stop laying again. I'll still try some of the suggestions made as soon as I get the chance to. Can't hurt.

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