Ducks suddenly won't go into the Coop....????

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by rickardson, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. rickardson

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    Oct 25, 2012
    I have 8 Hen Chickens, 1 Rooster, 5 Hen Ducks, and 1 drake. They would all go into the coop at night. Suddenly, the past two weeks 5 of the ducks stopped going into the coop. I thought maybe I could wait them out but at midnight I couldn't wait anymore. Now I have 2 Muscovy Hens and then I have a Khaki Campbell (Drake and Hen), 1 Crested runner, and 1 blue swedish caluga and 1 of the muscovy has never been the problem. Her name is Marian and ever since the Drake realized he was a boy and wanted to rule the ducks he has been chasing the Muscovies around since they were a little older and still a little bigger. He seems to resolved his problem with one of my Muscovy but he is still chasing Marian around and getting on top of her. Anyway how can I get them to get them to their house>? I have two coops, one that was supposed to be for the chickens and one I call the duck house which is on the ground. Ironically, 6 of the chickens uses the duck house to lay their eggs LOL
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    I also have a chicken coop - duck house - goose cottage, everyone has the own house. The chickens go in to roost every night, the ducks and geese prefer to stay out in their yard most nights (it is secure). I stopped forcing them to go in months ago and have not had a problem. From what I have seen, they are very active at night and take naps all day long.

    After spending hours trying to put them to bed, I just gave up and they seem very happy even on cold eastern nights - they can go in anytime they want.
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    If they stay out at night they will get picked off by predators. When we hatched out some new ducks they would not always go into the coop at night with the others. We had to force them towards the house, then pick them up an carry them into the coop at night. Some learned fast to go in, one did not. We had to round her up for about a week. Finally she goes in at night with the rest. Just be persistent and they will eventually go in. Please do not let them stay out all night as you will lose them.
  4. CelticOaksFarm

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    sounds like you may not have enough space for everyone if they are sharing a house. Drakes can try and mate chickens and can kill them by doing so. You may need to look into building a separate house for the ducks with space to spread out some.
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    Jul 3, 2012
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    I had a similar problem last fall and winter with ducks not going in at night. Lost 2 of 3 during the night by mid January, I suspected by an owl. Built a larger coop with a fence around it and fenced in part of the pond so my remaining drake and five new ducks can access water. I take my feeder in around noonish and put it back out around 4 PM this time of the year. The ducks eagerly follow their feeder into the enclosure (which I close up when they are all in) and put themselves in the roomier coop not long after dark though I did have to herd them in earlier in the year.

    Please don't take chances leaving your ducks unprotected at night and avoid the stress on you and your flock of losing one or more.
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    Jul 30, 2009
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    Ducks are notorious for this! What a pain! :p

    I solved the problem pretty quickly by simply withdrawing their feed during the day. Once they are fully grown, they don't need constant access to pellets. Once a day is fine, and it encourages them to forage, get better exercise, and better nutrition (because bugs & grass are better for them than pelletized grains--we only feed them because it's difficult for them to get *enough* food from foraging).

    AND, because they're hungry, they come running and willingly enter the pen at night. Mine don't go in a coop--they have a shelter, but it's a chain link enclosure that is open on three sides (visually). They prefer this to a coop--they don't like to feel closed in. The chain link is covered in hardware cloth (to prevent raccoons reaching through).

    Must agree with the others--if they stay out they WILL eventually get eaten.

    Hope that helps!
  7. Kadjain

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    I have to herd ALL my ducks in at night. The regulars stay together and it's easy to herd them in but I just got some Muscovy's and I have to catch them and put them in the coop myself otherwise they would all stay out all night.
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  8. rickardson

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    Oct 25, 2012
    Thanks for some hints and advice. I should of probably been more clear. I wasn't willing to ever let my ducks stay out all night. I was asking for hints or suggestions to train them to go in at night so they don't get killed. I don't have an enclosure (yet) so the duck house is where I've been herding them into at night. It's gotten easier each time. My rule of thumb is whoever is in the coop gets locked up in the coop and whoever is outside get rounded up into the duck house. I am aware of the dangers of having a drake with chickens butlucky for me he has 5 female ducks to chase around and hump.
  9. Kadjain

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    I've tried holding off on feeding them till later but it just seems easier and less stressful for them to just herd them in. It only takes a couple minutes and they head right for it as soon as they know I'm coming. Lately they have been waiting for me and are already near the coop entrance and go right in when I walk out the front door, so really I just have to walk out there and lock up the coop. I say just keep herding them and eventually they will get it again.
  10. rickardson

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    Oct 25, 2012
    Thanks, that's what I'm doing :) Great set of eggs in your basket, which one lays the purple one?

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