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Mar 24, 2018
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On a chilly day in 1620 duck from all over England where boarding up a boat to sell for the new world. They packed food and clothing to eat and save up for the new world. There was no freedom in England and the ducks of England wanted political, economic, and religious freedom. They sought that out to the new world....which was discovered by the great Christopher Cayuga Columbus. Risking there life for this kind of freedom was what these ducks wanted. It was the quest of there life...and they thought they would show England that they could rule and manage life in the new world. So, saying there goodbyes, and having some good cries the ducks set out. 30 in all(including ducklings too)!
The trip took 3 months...and those 3 months where the one the ducks hated the most! They even thought of turning back, but a brave draklet spoke up and said:
"It was my great- great- great and so forth great grand duck, Christopher Cayuga Columbus who found the new land. Who saw in his mind life that would be living here and there and all over in the new world. Life where we would be free from England and its grips. We will be let go of our chains and live like no one else in the world. We have to go through pain before we...starving, hungry, and dying must fight for great Christopher Columbus and show him that we are strong and will indeed fulfill his dream".
So...uplifting spirits of all the duck on the boat....they continued. With boat barely full of supplies the ducks yelled "land hoe" just 7 days after that speech. Sadly the little drakelet who said the speech died 3 days before land fall from the harsh climates. The ducks of the mayflower indeed did fulfill there dreams....making a new world for all enjoy till the end.

So my ducks celebrated the life of the ducks who came to the new world....sacrificing there life...for further ducks to come. My ducks ate a big dinner consisting of: duck food, cat food, meal worms, tomatoes, and sugar snap peas. What did your ducks eat?


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