Ducks to good home - Oregon (PDX)


Mar 25, 2018
I moved to a home with a smaller yard and closer neighbors and the ladies are not happy. Neighbors have not complained yet, but I am expecting it.

I have 5 ducks all laying. 2 khaki indian runners are 3 years old (Anne and Nancy). The other three I took in from a friend who moved and I am not sure of age or breed. 2 of the three are crested and one looks to be a small runner and the other appears to be a peking. The third is black and white (markings like a tuxedo cat lol).

They are fun, sweet, and chatty ducks.

I also have a lone Welsummer hen, old and not laying that hangs with the ducks - the last of my 10 years of chickens - I call her Chicken Little.

I have a rubber made water trough used as their pond you can have as well.

They are free, I would just like them to go to an appreciative home and neighborhood.

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