Ducks with Babies and Chicken Diet

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    Dec 21, 2016
    I bought a muscovy mum, her 8 babies and 2 other muscovy ducks. They are all females except the ducklings which could be anything. I was wondering if the ducks and ducklings can eat something other than chick starter which is all i can find for young ducklings or can i feed them something else. I have chickens so I have cracked corn, wheat, sunflower seeds, pullet grower, laying pellets, grit and chick starter. Can I feed them any of this as I would like to eat their eggs but the chicks starter is medicated so I can not eat the eggs. I can not find non medicated feed which is meant for young chickens or ducks. Also I feed my chickens 1 scoop of cracked corn, 1 scoop of wheat, 1 scoop of laying pellets, small handful of sunflower seed as it is $60 per 20kg and handfull of grit. Is this a good diet for my chickens and a few other ducks which are with them. I can not separate the few duck that are with chickens because 1 was raised with chickens and he freaks out when he is not with the chickens. He thinks he is a chicken he does not like going into the water, we brought a few ducks to go with him so he doe not mate the chickens but he will not go near them.
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    Hi, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

    A drake MAY still try to mate chickens even if he has a harem of his own.

    Ducklings should NOT eat medicated starter as they consume a lot more than chicks. But I think you might already know that. :)

    The cracked corn, wheat, and sun flower seed are diminishing your feed nutrients... if feeding more than 10% total of the daily ration.

    For my ducks, hens, chicks, roosters, duckling... EVERY body gets Purina Flock Raiser with oyster shell on the side for the layers. 20% protein and 1% calcium. Start to finish. I have no brand loyalty. Only thing that matters to me is nutritional analysis, ingredients, mill date, cost and availability. That one foots the bill best HERE.

    Thing about feed is the names (grower, starter, raiser, finisher, layer) are just confusing term to make more sells. The main difference is protein and calcium levels. Starter should have about 22% protein and 1% calcium. Grower maybe 18/1. Layer is usually 16% protein and 4% calcium.

    The flock raiser does have the correct level of niacin for ducks, as I contacted the company to find analysis that wasn't stated on the bag. Most feed is made from corn mostly anyways... but it has added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that standard corn and wheat doesn't. In addition... feeding wheat *may* cause your yolks to be paler. Same with corn if it isn't yellow. If you don't get the correct niacin level your ducklings may develop leg issues.

    For your duck who freaks out when not with chickens... IF you need to separate him, then do it. He will calm down and adjust, assuming he isn't being bullied by the others. Our birds don't always like what we do... but we do what we need when it comes to taking care of them and their health. The birds don't tell me what they will do. ;) In fact removing some friends often brings my cliques more together as a flock among my birds. When they have their good ol' comm rads they have no need to expand their horizon. If these additions are recent, he might naturally gravitate to them eventually. Chickens and duck are creatures of habit... any change, good or bad, can be scary for them... as prey animals especially. It might just take some time. You can let it be or hurry it along.

    I would be sure to use your treats specifically to associate with you, if you don't already. Like to call them to you or send them into the coop early if you need type thing. :)

    Corn is low in protein and void of nutrients should be treated like a bag of chips. Sunflower seeds (regular or black oil?), are pretty fatty.

    Providing treats too much or too often... isn't "spoiling" the birds but could actually send them to an earlier grave. :hmm The VERY best thing you can provide for them is a formulated ration.

    Your pullet grower... how much protein, and calcium? That might be your best choice for this instance (and even long term/permanent). If it doesn't have the niacin level listed (usually doesn't) then you can call the company and inquire. For ducks it needs to be 55mg/kg.

    Your flock/tribe sounds lovely. :pop
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    Dec 21, 2016

    I would really like to find the feed you recommended but I live in Australia and can nod find it. Does anybody know if you can find it in Australia or if you can ship it from America over here.
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    I am sure that there will be a flock raiser at your local feed store.

    Ask them what feed choices that they have.
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