Ducks with cloudy white spots in eyes?

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    I asked about this in the Duck section, I hope it's okay to ask about it here too. [​IMG]

    There are 2 Call ducks at our county Fair my boys want us to buy. Their owner is trying to sell off his entire flock, mostly bantam chickens, because he's become too old & infirm to keep up with their care. These Call Ducks, as well as 2 other ducks of his, seem perky & active but two of them have cloudy white spots in the middle of one of each of their eyes. It's not bumpy, warty, or cheesy, it's not matter on the eyeball but a cloudy white spot that seems to be part of the cornea, or just beneath it. There is still a ring of the eye's regular dark color around it, and really not very noticeable unless you were looking the bird over carefully to buy it. They're not wheezy or have any nasal discharge.

    Please let me know what you think this might be, and more importantly, if it could be something that would spread to my home flock. Our fair ends this Sunday & I need to decide by then. Thank you!

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