Ducks with Lameness, Hot legs and frilling up

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  1. I hatches 5 ducks in between two days about a year ago and about when they were a week and a half out they would fall on their back and pass out for 30 seconds and get back up. Reason I believe was because they were excited because I was feeding them; they weren't scared of me at all either.

    Now, A year later they have not once had any signs of doing that till now. Lizzie(First Born) has lame legs and can't walk around Much.

    I think she is either stressed or she being defensive. We just had a lot of trucks and workers back here building a fence and he got to stay in the barn along with the others. She started doing it in the barn, everytime you stould up tall he would start flapping her wings on the ground and trying to move, but if you sat down she would go back to normal. She also puffs her head and neck feathers up.

    Now Today I went outside to find a khaki in the floating with her legs straight out behind her. I scooped her up and brought her in. She acts paralyzed! I've stretched her legs out back and forth trying to work them around to help. Her legs are also very hot... I mean HOT!

    So, if Anyone knows anything! Please let me know! Thanks!
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    I would start the birds on Niacin supplements.
  3. Ok, Thanks so much!
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    150megs of plain niacin not flush free or time release, mixed into 1 gal of water . Sure hope you see improvements fast.
  5. Perfectly fine now! thanks guys!
  6. Miss Lydia

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