Ducks won’t leave coop


Jun 8, 2020
We just transitioned our 8w females (3 of them) to outside this week. The first day they did great, explores, went swimming, ate a ton. The next day they did great coming out of the coop (we lock them up at night), and spent a majority of the day outside. Then it started raining and they retreated to the coop, even though have of their duck run is covered. Now I cannot get them out of the coop, even for nice weather. They only want to come out of my husband and I are in the duck run with them. As soon as we leave to go inside they go straight back to the coop. Is this normal? Should I leave them be? Or should I shut their coop during the day to encourage them to stay outside?


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Jul 16, 2015
I would let them choose. They are still getting used to the new situation. If after a week or two they are still hiding, than you may want to encourage them to come out. It's a big scary world out there for them, and their instincts are to hide yet.

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