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    Oct 9, 2016
    I have raised a duckling and successfully released her into our neighborhood pond. It was trying because she was alone but it was summer so my children where tasked with spending time with her. I have also, after this, came to agreement that you should not take wildlife in.I kept her inside 7 weeks as she refused to join the other ducks on property. I'm not sure of the research on them not flying after human contact but Butter the Duck had no problem lifting off and finding her own life among the others. I see posts on different physical problems with kept ducks. I have a duck that had her foot wrapped in fishing line and has since lost her foot but still keeps up with the others and is thriving. Those wondering why I let her lose her food, she could fly! I love these animals and have found that if you allow them to be ducks, not clipping wings "allow them their natural defense" and give them a natural environment in which they naturally thrive they still do a home as Butter does

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