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Jul 17, 2020
N Oregon
Hey y’all, I just want to see what people feed your ducks. What tips do you have for someone that doesn’t know much about ducks? Sorry I’m new to ducks but I have had chickens for a few years
I feed an All Flock/ all poultry feed. Since it is all flock it has higher niacin for the ducks.

A feed only for chickens will not have enough niacin. So... if you feed a chicken only feed, then you have to supplement with niacin forthe ducks, most important with ducklings.
I agree with Alaskan, I feed an all-flock during the winter months when neither the ducks nor the chickens are laying.

I try to exclusively feed the ducks all-flock during laying season when the chickens should be eating the layer feed. But my ducks are terrible thieves who supplement their own meals with stolen chicken feed.

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