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    Jul 1, 2007
    [​IMG] Are ducks loud? I have a couple of chicks, and I'm getting more, but I was curious about ducks. I never had a duck before, but I am thinking about getting a couple. Can they live togher with chickens? Will the chickens peck the ducks or vice versa? Are male ducks loud like roos? Do ducks have to have water to swim in? Is there any more information about ducks I should know? Sorry for so many questions, but I am curious.....[​IMG]
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    Ducks are waaaaaaaaaay messier than chickens. I don't have mine together because of that, but some people do. They need water at least deep enough to keep their eyes and nostrils cleaned out, but they benefit from having swim water. I wouldn't want to have them without swimming water. Female ducks are as a rule way louder than the males....especially call ducks which is what I have.
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    Sep 4, 2007
    clovis, new mexico
    I have three adult ducks two I raised from little fuzz balls - they lived with my chickens for awhile until one of the males thought the chickens were something he needed to breed with- not good so now they are in thier own yard with a kiddie pool and a little house and are loving it.
    As far as noise - yes they can be loud my female is very loud always making some noise, the males seems quietier.
    When I had them in the house as babies they were 10 times more work than the 20 baby chicks I had- they would get in the water and splash around and get everything wet, and they were little poo poo squirt guns - nasty.
    I would get more but I will not keep them in the house for as long.
    now that they are outside and all grown up I love them I do hope my female wants to be a momma this spring and has lots of babies.

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    I have 3 adult Muscovy ducks, and they do not quake.....they hiss so they are super baby ducks are rouen and runners........they quack.......not to loud yet....... so if you want ducks with no noise Muscovy ducks would do......
    ALL ducks are messy messy, mine free range with my chickens and the Muscovy ducks coop up with my chickens, the other ducks are in by themselves . I just had to add this. My drake Muscovy is only mean to my dogs........has highest pecking order with the chickens and bantams I own,but is not mean to them .......good luck . I love ducks !
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  5. Oh Yes, ducks are the best!!! I love mine too! they are much smarter I reckon than chooks.
    Theres lots of beginner duck threads here showing ponds etc.
    Go with good ol muscovies for peace, I have white mallards and the girls quack loudly but its a cute donald duck sound.
    I have my 2 young mallards sleeping with my silkies at night, they love to snuggle under them, so cute.
    They range with my chickens and unlike their parents they havent managed to destroy the water yet.
    If you want ducklings, get a drake and duck(female) or if you just want eggs for cooking, get 2 girls.
    Have fun.
  6. Dinos_rock

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    Jul 1, 2007
    I don't think I will get ducks right now. But maybe in the future! Thanks for all the info on ducks. (If I do get ducks, I will probably get Muscovy Ducks....[​IMG])

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