duckwing EE rooster?

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    First time post on BC and fairly new to chickens, so thought I should send these questions out. I got about 30 hatching eggs from various flocks around town last spring. This is one of the roosters that I ended up keeping because he was so beautiful. He hatched out of a blue egg - and that is all that I know about his background... So I am wondering if anyone can help me with some ID questions.

    1 - I am assuming he is an EE and his coloration is duckwing, correct?
    2 - I am interested in breeding and genetics and would like to perpetuate this coloration in my flock, currently consisting of mostly EEs. Anyone know where I can get duckwing EEs or Ameraucanas so that I can start out on the right track?

    I am not looking to create birds to show with my project, just for my own personal enjoyment (and genetic curiosity)! :) Hatching eggs and seeing the patterns that emerge is fast becoming one of my favorite pastimes.

    I saw that Stromberg's has silver Ameraucanas.

    3 - What would happen if I crossed in the silver pattern?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    he's a gold duckwing...genetics is not just a simple cross this color to this color and get this color. there are dilute, mutators, hidden genes, ect that go into birds and considering he is an ee he is already a mixed bird so his over all genetic makeup is a toss up. best thing is to just cross and hatch and see what you get to try and figure out what genes he has in him...there are also genes for comb type and leg color.

    also be best to ask in the gentics part of the forum as well

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