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Sep 25, 2019
So I got 2 new Black Sweedish Hens to incorporate with my 2 Hens (Rouen, Black Runner). The Black Sweedish are being mean and pecking my girls.... :( Help. I have no idea they'd do that. I feel for my girls because they are significantly smaller in Size then the Sweedish Hens. Do I seperate, let them be, ?? I'm adding 3 more to my flock on Sunday. 2 Muscovy (1 Drake, 1 hen) and 1 Kahaki Campbell Drake. Any tips or tricks? Apparently they aren't friends and I figured they would all get along.

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The best way for introduction is having them separated by fencing so they can all get use to each other. Your resident ducks look at any others as interlopers intruding in their domain. So give them time. You can try after a few days to free range all together but keep them separated for a couple weeks till they all adapt. Close by with fencing.

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