Duclair female ducks with swollen chest


Sep 11, 2019
We have 2 duclair ducks that turn 6 months at the end of the month (sept.) and i have noticed that one of them has a swollen like chest. Our other duck is also starting to swell as well. Is there something i should be worried about? They dont act different and they follow me when they know its time to eat and go straight towards the food like all the rest of our livestock. They dont act sick or anything else either.


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Is it still "swollen" like this in the morning? After a full day of chowing down it's normal for any of the backyard birds to appear swollen, just means they're crop is full. As long as it's back down to normal in the morning, meaning they are digesting properly, there isn't anything to be concerned about. Means they are well fed ;)

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